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Online Masterclasses

Celebrating global wine heritage

Explore a new facet of wine each month with curated masterclasses

Monthly themes

  • January: Wine Basics

  • February: Liquid Gold of Hungary - Furmint

  • March: His Majesty German Riesling

  • April: France's Forgotten Argentinian Malbec

  • May: New Zealand’s Fragrance - Sauvignon Blanc

  • June: Whirlpool of Italian Lambrusco

  • July: Australian Classic - Shiraz

  • August: Capricious Count of France - Pinot Noir

  • September: Wine of the Marquis - Port Wine

  • October: The Signature of South Africa - Pinotage

  • November: Wine of the Magic Triangle - Spanish Sherry

  • December: Sparkling Wines of the World


Expand you horizons in wine, culture and gastronomy


Wine and Cheese



  • Choose masterclasses you want to attend. You can opt to attend one, some or all of them. 

  • Submit your application. Please verify your contact information, so we can reach you out. 

  • Receive an e-mail with payment instructions.

  • Execute a payment and be ready to attend masterclass on designated day and time. 



  • Join for 1-1,5 hour long online masterclass on designated day and time. 

  • Link to access masterclass will be sent to your e-mail indicated upon registration. Please check also your spam box. 

  • Ask questions during the session.

  • If you can't manage on the day of the masterclass, it will be available for replay ensuring you don't miss a bite.



  • Celebrate new and better version of you.

  • During this exciting journey you will empower yourself with the skills and knowledge to navigate the world of wine with confidence and sophistication!

  • No more awkward situations with wine and food pairings on social gatherings. 

  • Yes to new connections and exciting opportunities  to unfold before you. 

What to expect

This online masterclasses are available for everyone from around the world from the comfort of you smartphone, tablet or computer.

During masterclasses we are going to voyage through countries, wine regions, their history and traditions, culture and gastronomy

Either you are a wine curious, wine enthusiast or you just like good food and wine, you are welcome to join this journey! 

Choose the option that suits you best

  • Single Masterclass: 20€

  • Package of 6 Classes: 100€

  • Package of 12 Classes: 200€

Each option includes opportunity replay chosen masterclasses after they will be held.

  • For a single masterclass and 6 pack masterclasses you will be granted access for a month since the date of the masterclass, to replay video unlimited quantity of times.

  • For a 12 pack masterclasses you will be granted access along the all year plus a month after the date of the last masterclass, to replay video unlimited quantity of times.

Form for regisrtion online Masclss

Fill in the form to register for the masterclasses

Select desired materclasses

Thanks for submitting your application.

You will receive an email with further instructions.

See you at the masterclass!

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