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A December is the time of the year when lots of people rush to big and small shops all around the world in search of special presents for their friends and family. If we happen to be on a trip during Christmas time, for sure we want to bring something unique from the place we have visited. With globalisation and internationalisation of brands it might be an issue, since all big brands are available in almost any bigger or smaller city. Portugal and a city of Lisbon is not an exception - strolling along the streets of the city you will find brands that can be easily found in any other European capital. But don’t get sad, Lisbon still have preserved some treasures, where you will find unique presents for you and your beloveds.

In Portugal Christmas decorations in shops appear early. As early as October comes. At that point of the year it can seem not appropriate, as a temperature on the street still can be as high as 25 - 27 degrees of celsius and for those who come to visit Lisbon it feels like a nice summer weather. But to be well prepared for Christmas time, we should start early.

To get into festive mood while the temperatures are still high there is nothing better than visit shops, that sells Christmas decorations. Every year shops tend to be creative and there is always new fairy-tail story where you can dive in. Down there is my top five shops in Lisbon that you should visit for Christmas inspiration.


  1. Emerald - Inspiring Interiors on Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro 61-F, Lisboa

  2. Nickolaus on Rua do Carmo 87D, Lisboa

  3. Prego Sem Estopa on Calçada do Combro 36, Lisboa

  4. El Corte Inglés 6th floor on Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 31, Lisboa

  5. Horto do Campo Grande on Campo Grande 171, Lisboa

After you will soak your dose of inspiration, it is right moment to start looking for Christmas presents for the family and friends. Lisbon has kept some treasures for us. It has managed to preserve some local commerce with the shops located in the same place for decades and in a lot of cases run by the same families for ages. These are really unique places and they are worth to be visited, not only because of the goods they sell, but also because of the special atmosphere of the shops and people who runs them.

In my top of traditional shopping spots in Lisbon city you will find variety of goods inspired by traditions, created locally, made by the artisans or otherwise specially selected. Here you will find a treats for all your family and friends.


  1. A Vida Portuguesa, on Rua Anchieta 11, 1200-023 Lisboa

  2. Caza das Vellas Loreto, on Rua do Loreto 53, 1200-241 Lisboa

  3. Luvaria Ulisses, on ****Rua do Carmo 87 A, 1200-093 Lisboa

  4. Hospital de Bonecas, on Praça da Figueira 7, 1100-240 Lisboa

  5. Cerâmicas na Linha, on Rua Capelo 16, 1200-224 Lisboa

  6. Burel Factory, on Rua Serpa Pinto 15B, 1200-443 Lisboa

  7. Chapelaria Azevedo, on Praça Dom Pedro IV 69/72 73, 1100-202 Lisboa

  8. Manuel Tavares, on Rua da Betesga 1AB, 1100-090 Lisboa

  9. Companhia Portugueza do Chá, on R. do Poço dos Negros 105, 1200-337 Lisboa

  10. Vista Alegre, on Largo do Chiado 20 23, 1200-108 Lisboa

In this list you will find variety of products starting from the candles (Caza das Vellas Loreto) that will illuminate your space, gloves from the smallest shop in the town (Luvaria Ulisses) for your mother, a hat or cap (boina very typical men’s accessory) for your dad or uncle (Chapelaria Azevedo), iconic ceramic pieces for your table from Bordalo Pinheiro (Cerâmica na Linha) or more contemporary style of porcelain tableware from Vista Alegre. Of course I couldn’t forget about some eatable treats: for the winter days selection of teas from Companhia Portugues do Chá or variety of dried fruits and nuts, regional cheeses and charcuterie and of course Portuguese wines that you will find in centenary shop of Manuel Tavares located on the shortest street of Betesga. Beside above mentioned articles you can find many more presents: special dolls (and acessories for them) and pieces for fans of miniatures in Hospital de Bonecas; wool garments that will warm you at home from Burel Factory; cosmetics, house keeping accessories, sweets, toys for children and all other things that Portuguese traditionally used and still are using in the A Vida Portuguesa.

Even if you are not in a shopping mood, antique shops of Lisbon are always worth to be visited for their unique aesthetics and history they have preserved.

Stay warm and cosy this Christmas! Buy locally produced products! Visit traditional shops of Lisbon and don’t forget to tag me @bottledassets if you have enjoyed my shop selection.

For private tours, wine tastings and cellar visits contact me directly.



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