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Today on a track is typical Portuguese grape variety Castelão from Setubal region with predominantly sandy soils.

Today on a track @pegosclaros. Micro producer of excellent Portuguese wines with origin of Setubal peninsula and almost 100 years old vineyards. Surprises creativity of winery and wine producer and their capacity just from one grape variety create white, rose and red wines. Sad news that one of three red wines will be discontinued, but you can still have a chance to find it in wine shops and restaurants or contact BottledAssets and we will try to help you. But there is great news as well. Great pleasure was to get to know younger brother of the family that is to be launched on the market by the end of this year in veeeeryyyy limited eddition called Primo, and that is not any more 100% of Castelão variety, but continue to be very interesting sample to be tasted.

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